My local hospital has gone high tech, and it has been met with a bit of controversy in my neighborhood. Some of my friends are griping about how much it cost, while others like the new amenities.

Earlier this year, I personally stepped foot in the brand new healthcare facility that was rebuilt from the ground up, and I quickly took inventory of the new design elements, as did my husband, but I was silently wondering about the connectivity features in the building.

These days, many new hospitals feature remote monitoring and other advanced systems to keep track of vitals and patient whereabouts. For example, the newly opened Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, Ill., has patient-tracking software so families can keep tabs on their loved ones at all times. For doctors in this hospital, medical-telemetry technology monitors vitals remotely.

Chances are we have only begun to scratch the surface for how technology is going to be used in hospitals. A new integrated showroom is being built in Nashville to demonstrate the use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) and RTLS (realtime locating systems) in healthcare environments. The Intelligent Hospital will show how emerging technology can improve patient care.

This is the future of healthcare, and connected devices and M2M (machine-to-machine) technology are very much at the center of the movement.

I recently had an opportunity to speak with a contractor building healthcare facilities who said the design and use of technology in hospitals is driven in large part by the needs of patients. Everything that goes into the facility—from the colors of paint to the technology ‘behind the walls’—is helping patients heal faster. And it seems to be working. One person I know was very pleased with a recent stay in the new mega-hospital in my area.

While the cost of these new facilities might be high, if it is helping save a life—or even just allowing someone to heal faster—it is well worth the tech investment in my mind.

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