I applaud Taylor Morrison’s initiative to include technology in every home at no additional cost to the homebuyer. For an industry that is sluggish, to say the least, it can be difficult to pony up the extra dollars and bring connected devices and technology to the home as a standard feature. But, for Taylor Morrison, it appears to have been a ‘smart’ move.

The market for connected technologies in the home is heating up. Just this week, AT&T announced a portfolio of all-digital, IP-based home security monitoring and automation services called AT&T Digital Life. Others such as Verizon Wireless have already entered this market.

The fact of the matter is the connected home is here—and not just for affluent custom homeowners. With younger generations looking to buy, smart homes are no longer just for the elite. Mass markets want technology in the home, and the systems are advancing to the point where they can have it.

After roughly two months of selling the Interactive Home, as Taylor Morrison calls it, sales are up. In fact, the homebuilder says the technology has helped sell more than 200 homes in the Houston area. Buyers are particularly interested in the audio functionality, adding extra intercoms and audio locations.

Certainly, Taylor Morrison is not the only homebuilder to recognize this trend—it just seems to me it is one of the first to do it on such a grand scale.

What is the key takeaway for consumers, tech providers, and builders? Connected devices for the home are here. However, as automation technologies take off, the housing market remains tight, creating an impasse of sorts. Homeowners are hesitant to move or even renovate with home prices still on shaky ground, but the technologies are advancing at a very rapid rate.

It will be interesting to watch this trend unfold. Will more builders include technology in homes? Will homeowners integrate systems on their own? Time will tell, but for now the smart home of the future is still up for debate.

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