Since we are holding the Connected World Conference within the Chicago Auto Show, it just makes sense that RacoWireless, www.racowireless.com, and Audi of America, www.audiusa.com, would make one of their biggest announcements of the year as it relates to the connected car at our event. And the two industry giants held true to form announcing that RacoWireless has been chosen to support Audi’s next generation connect program.

Not surprising, the news comes on the heels of Audi and AT&T stealing headlines at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas by announcing a partnership to provide 4G LTE in Audi’s new line of A3 vehicles starting in 2015.

The promise of a fully connected car is very appealing to many motorists and automakers alike. By using 4G LTE many believe this proves that drivers will soon be able to experience a high-speed, low-latency suite of advanced services and features to enhance the mobile lifestyle. With 4G LTE, drivers can enjoy simultaneous voice navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, and high-bandwidth data services.

RacoWireless will continue their strong relationship with Audi to provide complete connectivity management, including nonstop, round-the-clock, call-center support, and it will work with AT&T to deliver the most immersive in-car infotainment system available.

One could say that RacoWireless President John Horn is over the moon with the new relationship with AT&T, but it goes to show you that once competitors can quickly make strange bedfellows. For those of us who have been in this space for years, we are all chuckling just a bit to see Horn and Glenn Lurie, president of emerging devices, resale and partnerships, AT&T Mobility, two of the industry’s diehard combatants working together. Rather than focus all their energy on picking on each other during industry panels, they are now waging war on even larger competitors.

“The momentum that we have been able to build with RacoWireless as a partner has been tremendous,” says Anupam Malhotra, Audi’s senior director, Connected Vehicle. “Audi connect continues to lead the industry when it comes to innovation, technology, and overall experience – and we expect that to only continue.”

Horn told me he is thrilled to be working with AT&T. “I think AT&T is offering some good rate plans and they will make a good partner. We are enjoying working with both AT&T and T-Mobile. We have good partners and our customers are creating the best platform with the tools that are easiest to use,” explains Horn.

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