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Scanadu Scout Scanadu Scout
Connected World Issue June/July 2014
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Price: $99.99
Manufacturer: iDevices
Average Rating: Not Rated

Prepare for next summer by gifting iGrill by iDevices Inc., a connected solution for grilling and cooking. First, stick the thermometer’s probe into your meat and select a desired internal temperature. Download the free iGrill app to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and the two devices will communicate via wireless Bluetooth connection. You’ll receive an alert when your food is ready. With a 200-foot range, you can be anywhere in the house or yard without worrying about burning those burgers. 

iGrill can track temperatures up to 400°F, and it does not need to be paired with another device—it can work as a standalone thermometer. iGrill can monitor the temperature of two items at the same time with the purchase of a second probe. Because it can stand, hang, or lie down, the device can be used on a grill or in an oven.


200-foot range

Easy to keep clean

Can be used on the grill or in the oven


Does not pair with Android devices

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