2014 Connected World Conference Nominations Now Open for Connected Car, Connected Devices, and Entrepreneur Award Programs

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Chicago, IL September 18, 2013: The new Connected World Conference, co-located within the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, invites manufacturers, vendors, technologists and the general public to nominate their choices for three awards programs: The Connected Car of the Year, the Connected World Awards, and the ConnectED Awards.

The Connected Car of the Year awards celebrate the most technologically sophisticated communications-rich automobiles currently on the road. Some of last year’s winners include Cadillac, Ford, and Audi. The Connected World Awards are a new program honoring connected technologies in home, health/fitness, energy, transportation, retail, and more. The ConnectED awards honor entrepreneurs and startups that are making waves in the connected technology space.

“The Connected World Conference covers every aspect of connected life, with the car being the focal point for this interconnection. Our award programs reflect this universe,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director/president of Connected World magazine. The Connected World Conference will be located within a 35,000-sq.ft. pavilion on the floor of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show (www.chicagoautoshow.com/). It is literally a show within a show.

Connected Car of the Year:
The electronics contained within today’s automobiles help enhance the in-vehicle experience like never before. Onboard radar and sensor systems, embedded intelligence and the ability to harness 4G LTE connectivity to offer in-vehicle content sharing and streaming options, are just a sampling of the exciting, new connected car experience.  

The Connected Car of the Year awards honor those models that successfully strike the right balance of safety, convenience, and infotainment. The Connected Car of the Year is rapidly becoming the industry standard for connectivity on the road, with winners taking their place among the automotive elite with pride.

Chosen by the editorial team at Connected World magazine and awarded with the Feb/March issue, the Connected Car of the Year awards vehicles at all price levels, ranging from the small and midsize, to the luxury, and ultra-luxury sedan-style categories, all with the idea of honoring the best in class that fit any driver’s budget and preference.

Nominations for the award are open now, through Oct. 15, 2013. Submissions should be sent directly to the editorial team (hwashkowiak@specialtypub.com) at Connected World magazine.

Connected World Awards:
The Connected World Awards honor the companies that have successfully leveraged M2M in order to solve a critical pain point within their business, all with quantifiable results. Whether it is a transportation company using technology to deliver value-added services to passengers, a utility company optimizing energy delivery to customers, or a company that has developed an innovative platform for the connected home, The Connected World Awards recognize excellence in achievement across a spectrum of markets and applications, all with the intent of enabling a connected world. Categories include in home, healthcare, fitness, energy, transportation and retail.

Those eligible to submit are corporate adopters. A corporate adopter is defined as a company or organization that is applying a connected solution to address and/or improve some aspect of their operations. The corporate adopters selected as finalists will be notified in December 2013, and then honored by a formal dinner and ceremony in February 2014 as a part of the Connected World Conference.

The deadline to submit for the 2014 Connected World Awards is Nov. 1, 2013. Entries can be submitted online (www.connectedworldmag.com/conference/awards), along with the entry fee of $195.

ConnectED Awards: 
The Connected World ConnectED Awards honor individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who have applied innovation and vision to successfully develop unique and successful connected devices. Individuals are evaluated on their initial vision for bringing a product to market, the ways in which they successfully overcame market challenges, and the overall motivation for developing this device.

Along with the individual receiving this honor, ConnectED Award winners also have the opportunity to name any individuals who helped inspire or achieve their creation as Connectors as part of their award.

Nominations for the award are open now, through Nov.1, 2013. This award is open to any individual entrepreneur in the area of M2M and connected devices. Entries can be submitted online (www.connectedworldmag.com/conference/awards), along with the entry fee of $195.

The Connected World Conference will feature multiple exhibition pavilions providing a complete holistic tour of the new technological universe that is coalescing around the connected car. These include the connected car, connected energy, connected health/fitness, and a special start-up pavilion where the innovations of the future will hope to find funding. Advanced programming includes presentations on everything from connecting the car to the house to physicians and even to other vehicles.

About the Connected World Conference:
The Connected World Conference is the window into the emerging technology trends shaping the future of connected devices. The conference is a destination for everyone interested in learning, sharing, and presenting their ideas and visions about the future of our digital lifestyle, connecting to our vehicles, our homes, our energy, our apps, and our health/fitness. This event gives attendees a chance to explore the strategic shifts that new technologies will have now and into the future.


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