Inaugural Connected World Conference heralds arrival of the Connected Car era at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

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Chicago, IL August 28, 2013: The new Connected World Conference, located within the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, celebrates the evolution of the automobile into our society’s new communications and infotainment destination. The Chicago Auto Show is working with nationally acclaimed technology publication Connected World magazine to make this important show a reality. The Connected World Conference will be located within a 35,000-sq.ft. pavilion on the floor of the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

Thanks to key features such as connected navigation, social media, and in-car Wi-Fi hotspots, shipments of connected in-vehicle infotainment systems will skyrocket: ABI Research

The Connected World Conference will provide the country’s only public display of technologies, products and services developed to enhance the in-car experience. Participants will include app developers, device makers, software companies and product and car manufacturers that will collectively provide 11 full days of programming during the show. Highlights include the honoring of the Connected Car of the Year award winners. Cadillac, one of last year’s winners, utilized its award as the basis for a national advertising campaign.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Connected World at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show,” said Dave Sloan, general manager of the Chicago Auto Show. “Connected World is a strong voice in this space and we feel that connected technology plays a huge role in the future of transportation. This conference and partnership will foster growth and understanding between the automotive and technology worlds.”

Nearly half (47%) of new vehicles sold in the U.S. will include embedded cellular modules by 2017: Parks Associates

“The automobiles we drive, the homes we live in, the devices and apps we consume and interact with are the critical link in our always on, 24/7 lives,” says Peggy Smedley, editorial director/president of Connected World magazine. “The Connected World Conference at the Chicago Auto Show represents one of the most important destinations for anyone seeking to understand how our vehicles will be at the center of all this connectivity.”

The Connected World Conference will feature multiple exhibition pavilions providing a complete holistic tour of the new technological universe that is coalescing around the connected car. These include the connected car, connected energy, connected healthcare/fitness, and a special start-up pavilion where the innovations of the future will hope to find funding. Advanced programming includes presentations on everything from connecting the car to the house to physicians and even to other vehicles.

"We are rapidly entering an era where the connected car and the connected home are game-changing opportunities to mobilize our lives,” says Glenn Lurie president, Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships, AT&T Mobility. “This is the reason AT&T is committed to innovating around connecting almost every aspect of our lives. The opportunity to co-locate Connected World Conference with the Chicago Auto Show will further solidify this movement and will drive awareness to a much broader community." The Connected World Conference promises to attract tens of thousands of attendees from around the world for an 11 day immersion into the future of connected devices and the companies that are powering them.

About the Connected World Conference:
The Connected World Conference is the window into the emerging technology trends shaping the future of connected devices. The conference is a destination for everyone interested in learning, sharing, and presenting their ideas and visions about the future of our digital lifestyle, connecting to our vehicles, our homes, our energy, our apps, and our healthcare. This event gives attendees a chance to explore the strategic shifts that new technologies will have now and into the future.


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