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NetComm Wireless Ltd.

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"NetComm Wireless is more than just a device company. It's a company that understands the impact of the M2M value chain and the power of customization," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

For 30 years, NetComm Wireless has lived on the "edge," launching a range of HSPA+, 4G/LTE, and fibre access devices. Throughout the past decade, NetComm Wireless has built a strong presence in the M2M ecosystem, developing technologies that sit "on the edge" of network infrastructure to form the critical connection.

Its roots are in the industrial and commercial sectors, back when dial-up modems were the only way for companies to access and share data. In those early days, NetComm Wireless took pioneering steps into diverse markets, being among the first to connect such devices as: ATMs, EFTPOS (electronic funds transfer/ point-of-sale) terminals, poker machines, weighing machines, traffic lights, car washes, and service stations, among others.

Today you can find the company at the heart of wireless M2M, developing dedicated M2M devices for such markets as: transportation, utilities, retail, security, and manufacturing, just to name a few. Its in-house approach to M2M is important, starting with its internal team of R&D engineers and extending out through the entire product development process. This helps reduce risk while ensuring maximum control over systems integration and support.

But perhaps the thing that truly differentiates NetComm Wireless from the competition is its ability to customize. Its devices run on an open source Linux platform, which, when combined with a custom SDK (software development kit), can remove a great deal of roadblocks throughout the M2M development process.

NetComm Wireless is a true partner to carriers worldwide, embracing a strategy around the prompt design, development, and delivery of wireless M2M technologies adapted to meet the unique regional, market, and spectrum needs of carrier partners across North America, Canada, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

It takes strong commitment and strength to evolve with the changing landscape of technology for the better part of three decades. NetComm Wireless has the track record, product portfolio, partner strategy, and resources to stay a step ahead of M2M's needs in one of the fastest growing sectors for this technology internationally.

Fast Fact

  • NetComm Wireless was among the first to connect ATMs, commercial car washes and service stations, poker machines, pathology labs, postal weighing machines, photocopiers, traffic lights, currency exchange display panels, and more.

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