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Jazz Wireless Data

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"Jazz Wireless Data proves that size doesn't matter, but vision does. By offering a flexible and reliable network, Jazz Wireless Data is able to provide unique services to countless companies that are on the cutting-edge of technology," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

Executives at Jazz Wireless Data will be the first to admit the company isn't as large as some of its competitors. But that suits them perfectly fine, as they embrace their size in order to be flexible enough to match customer requests.

Thus far that has proven to be effective for its roughly 200 customers in M2M, which includes one very high-end luxury electric car maker.

Such flexibility has enabled this network connectivity company to do quite a bit of custom work for clients, perform specialized troubleshooting, and offer some unique services.

One such service is the ability to offer realtime data analysis while a device is in a data session. While other providers offer data usage on a session basis, Jazz Wireless Data gives customers data while they are still in session, and has architected its network so it can be done no matter which carrier they are connecting.

This has allowed the company to introduce a true prepaid M2M service for customers, which doesn't simply mean paying ahead. Rather, in this case prepaid means partnering with one of the largest distributors in the market, DigiKey, to provide a SKU that has data that can be sold and renewed throughout a set period of time. A specialized portal allows customers to see realtime usage and reload using a credit card.

The realtime data analysis while in session also allows Jazz to perform trouble-shooting activities without having to come down off of a session, which can be a huge value add for customers that need a consistent data connection.

Its carrier partners are growing in number and worldwide footprint, with some major announcements coming shortly. Likewise, device partnerships create a true shared experience for the customer to see realtime data and device metrics via share platforms. All in all, some big moves for the self described "smaller" company.

Fast Fact

  • Jazz Wireless Data calls fellow CW 100 companies T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Connected Development, and Rogers Communications partners.

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