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CradlePoint Inc.

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"In an emerging 3G and 4G marketplace, few companies have been able to deliver a scalable and secure platform as well as CradlePoint. Its distributed enterprise success is already apparent in such markets as retail and transportation, just to name a couple," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

Founded in 2006, CradlePoint first came to market under a more consumer-based model, with the intent to improve connectivity for devices by leveraging the convergence of Wi-Fi and 3G cellular technologies. That model shifted around 2011 to focus on the "distributed enterprise," which the company describes as those with hundreds or thousands of locations in need of device connectivity.

Think remote kiosks, retail stores, digital signs, and more when you think "distributed enterprise." Initially the company focused on helping with 3G/4G failover. At the time, many of these enterprises relied on DSL or cable to connect, which created major pain points when such a connection would go down. CradlePoint's solution was a router that would automatically switch to 3G/4G LTE in such an event in order to keep connectivity established.

That model has since evolved to include 3G/4G networking solutions, and its customer base has expanded to encompass transportation, restaurants, and convenience stores. Today these distributed enterprises are using CradlePoint's 3G/4G solutions as the primary connection. This comes in handy when you, for example, need to put a vending machine outside a retail chain that may not wish to grant you access to its network. Using CradlePoint, that vending machine can be placed there without the worry of needing a hardline connection.

In addition, CradlePoint is helping customers manage all of their devices too. This past July, the company launched the CradlePoint Enterprise Cloud Manager, the next generation of its WiPipe Central product. This cloud-based platform enables customers to manage all of their devices from one central location. CradlePoint's platform allows users to establish network segmentation by device, meaning, for example, a retailer can have its POS (point-of-sale) on one network, mobile devices on another, and public-facing Wi-Fi on yet another; all with no crossover.

Today's enterprise is distributed indeed. And when it comes to managing devices over multiple networks, CradlePoint has just the model to ensure scalability and security are built in for the long run.

Fast Fact

  • CradlePoint customers include YESCO, Hart Systems, Vendors Exchange, and Avanti Fresh Markets.

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