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Cycle30 Inc.

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"Cycle30 fits the bill when it comes to a cloud-based billing platform. In just a few short years, Cycle30 has already translated its success from the cable and wireless industry to M2M, helping its customers tackle a fundamental pain point while building even stronger partnerships along the way," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

No one wants to think about the process of billing. Luckily, Cycle30 makes it so customers don't need to give this fundamental, yet tedious, step in M2M a second thought.

Quite simply the company knows billing. Born out of the cable and wireless industry, Cycle30 recognizes what it takes to build a robust and reliable billing platform fit to scale. In the world of M2M where scale is essential to success, the company prides itself on building a flexible platform built for direct customers, as well as OEMs to manage multiple tiers of endcustomer billing.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of a large Alaskan-based communications provider, and for many years operated all of the order-to-cash systems that create, bill, invoice, and charge for the cable TV, wireless, phone, Internet, and data services provided to customers. This helped the company understand the numerous complexities of billing, and that flexibility would need to be a fundamental billing attribute.

Today this flexibility is built into a cloud-based billing platform that can scale not just size, but in diversity, built to handle multiple languages and currency types. That flexibility extends to charging, rating, and balance management for both recurring and usage-based charges, as well as invoicing, device provisioning, inventory management, customer care, and Webbased end-customer self-care. When it comes to the idea of billing, the company wants to ensure customers have a platform that is flexible, scalable, and built around strong partnerships.

Perhaps most important of all, Cycle30 understands that time to market is crucial. Its billing platform allows companies to create distinctive offerings that help get customers to market. In all, Cycle30 takes the pain out of the most fundamental part of any M2M product: how you get paid.

Fast Fact

  • Cycle30 is a subsidiary of GCI, Alaska's largest telecommunications and cable provider.

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