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ILS Technology

5300 Broken Sound Blvd.
Suite 150
Boca Raton, Fla. 33487
+1 561.982.9898
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"Customers seeking an M2M Application Platform for solutions in such markets as manufacturing, energy, and building automation have turned to deviseWISE," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

It's time to connect your devices and machines to key enterprise IT systems. But rather than enduring months of programming and development work, ILS Technology has the technology tools to allow any subject-matter expert to develop their own platform prowess.

Enter the deviceWISE M2M Application Platform. Billed as a ready-to-use, off-the-shelf cloud platform, this product allows customers to collect data from any device and integrate it directly into existing enterprise IT systems, or into a custom cloud-based dashboard, complete with data security.

In a way, deviceWISE becomes that enabling solution that allows ILS Technology to hold true to its mission of fundamentally changing the way companies share information within their own operations and with partners, customers, and suppliers.

In an enterprise world where devices and machines are becoming essential to extending the core services of business, such a platform can make a huge difference in making the most of these assets. Not only that, but through the deviceWISE M2M deployment kit, ILS Technology eliminates the long cycle times associated with typical M2M deployments, which it estimates can last upwards of two years in some instances.

It all speaks well to the trend around tying machine-level data closer to the enterprise. Without incurring the costs of long development cycles or hiring a programming staff, such a platform can help provide a cost-effective platform for helping customers embrace the developing trend. ILS Technology certainly has the experience, with more than a decade of enabling M2M deployments.

ILS Technology customers exist in such areas as industrial automation, transportation and logistics, and smart energy, building applications that remotely monitor and control key phases of their respective businesses. Aligned with partners as Intel, Oracle, SAP, and IBM to name a few, ILS Technology has intimate knowledge of enterprise IT and the way in which machine data must exist in such an environment in order to be relevant and actionable.

Perhaps one of most powerful aspects behind the success of ILS Technology is the ability for its solutions to bring greater precision to every stage of the production lifecycle and enable realtime data to live where decisions are being made.

*At time of press Telit Wireless Solutions announced its intent to acquire ILS Technology

Fast Fact

  • Partnered with Intel, Oracle, SAP, and IBM, ILS Technology helps link machine data from its deviceWISE M2M Application Platform to enterprise systems and databases.

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