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"In a demanding M2M marketplace, Connected Development has proven time and time again to deliver on the promise of providing companies an all-in-one resource from concept to completion," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

There is something very satisfying about knowing your original intent was spot on. Having just celebrated three years serving product developers in M2M, Connected Development can take solace in the fact its idea that customers needed an all-in-one resource to help them bring products to market faster, while also manage risk and position themselves better for success, continues to prove true.

You can call this company a design and consulting company that focuses on wireless. But peel back the layers of Connected Development and you see so much more by way of hardware and software engineering, RF consulting, custom antenna design and development, regulatory and certification assistance, and more. At the end of the day, when companies need realization around how to best bring products to market—and keep them there—Connected Development has proven its case to be their partner.

Connected Development's proficiency comes from the individuals that make up the company, all of whom have deep roots in M2M. Such market wherewithal has enabled the company to remain flexible, and even become the market experts for customers in need of guidance. Is 2G a viable option for my product or shall I be looking at 4G? What if my device should need multiple forms of wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, unlicensed band tech, and more? Connected Development has the answers to such questions.

To borrow a line from the company, M2M developers have "a smorgasbord of options in front of them, which often makes it tough to choose what to eat." To that, Connected Development brings the secret sauce, if you will, in that it builds up interesting nodes of knowledge that are not necessarily wireless based, but are very applicable to M2M; things like accelerometers, motion detectors, motion sensors, etc. From there it ties all such knowledge together to ensure what the developer does choose to eat won't bite back in the end.

Fast Fact

  • Connected Development launched in March 2010 with the intent to provide companies a single source for all the processes needed to bring a wireless product to market.

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