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"Customers looking to develop a multi-national approach to M2M can trust that Vodafone Global Enterprise can deliver a comprehensive strategy when and where they need it. Vodafone is dedicated to helping its clients take ownership of the data, and in today's M2M climate that's the key," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

Are you looking to take your M2M product global, but don't want to deal with the complexities of a multi-national strategy? Let Vodafone step in and do the heavy lifting instead.

The global footprint for Vodafone Global Enterprise touches a number of operating companies worldwide, and includes access to 500 network operating companies on which customers can run its global SIM (subscriber identity module). The global SIM eliminates the need for customers to provide unique SIMs by country when looking at a global deployment. Couple this with a robust Web-service platform to manage the network and provisioning, and what you have is a comprehensive solution.

Its Global M2M Platform is one for which Vodafone owns the intellectual property and fully controls the roadmap. This is in stark contrast to mobile network operators that use thirdparty platforms. Such a platform will help manage M2M deployments to be managed securely on a global basis, offering full authentication and access controls.

Not to be overlooked is the SLA (standard licensing agreement) and global support offered by Vodafone Global Enterprise. One interface for customers with more than 250 dedicated staff worldwide means unlimited options to help customers ensure products and services never go "dark" at inopportune times. Providing a standard set of service-level agreements that can be controlled deeply via its partner operating companies, Vodafone adds a nice element for customers.

Furthermore, the international carrier works with many of the major technology players across nearly every phase of the M2M value chain. And such M2M relationships are deep, integrating the software of the different devices into the servicedelivery platform. This becomes very relevant in the case of the global SIM, for instance, in that it helps provide better visibility and transparency into the state of the actual device. Vodafone Global Enterprise has nearly aspect of the global approach to M2M covered. In the end, such a dedicated strategy to going multinational ensures customers can do one very important thing with regards to M2M: Take ownership of the data.

Fast Fact

  • Vodafone Global Enterprise works with operating companies worldwide and includes access to 500 network operating companies.

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