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Echelon Corp.

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"Echelon and devices have become synonymous with each other in the Internet of Things. Customers in both wired and wireless environments rely on Echelon to empower many of their intelligent devices," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

Echelon lives at the heart of connected devices. Roughly 100 million devices, 35 million smart homes, and 300,000 intelligent buildings around the globe are powered by Echelon's technology. Still, its strategy behind driving this world of connected devices is one that is constantly evolving—which is great news for customers.

Since the company entered the market more than 20 years ago, its vision remains targeted, yet evolutionary. Today that vision encompasses low-cost monitoring and control technology being embedded into every electrically controlled device. You can consider Echelon to be a leading provider of silicon, embedded and management software, and routers, all directly targeted at enabling what is being termed today as the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company embraces the idea that the full potential of IoT will be realized under the guidance of "IP-all-the-way" to every end point. To that point, Echelon focuses on productivity-enhancing commercial and industrial applications that provide economic impact. Its technology enables the creation of device networks or communities that can work autonomously, rather than merely providing a connectivity path from the device to the Internet.

Overall, the company believes the success of IoT will necessitate the use of a variety of wired and wireless media to connect devices into communities, which strays from the popular opinion that wireless will indeed dominate. To that point, Echelon points to the nearly one billion of what it would call "pre-IoT" devices deployed in the field today. The company likens these devices to legacy computer networks in the '80s and '90s, saying they need to be transitioned smoothly and economically, without wholesale swap-outs to IP-based systems for interoperability, application breadth, and productivity gains.

In all, it sounds like a targeted plan indeed. It's no wonder why Echelon remains at the heart of a market about to power up on multiple fronts.

Fast Fact

  • Echelon technology enables more than 110 million devices in building automation, lighting, industrial automation, transportation, and metering.

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