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"When it comes to M2M, Wyless is the partner of choice to deliver end-to-end lifecycle-management services with a global presence. Recent partnerships and acquisitions have helped bring additional capabilities and services to the Wyless mix," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

Wyless continues to come out from under the label of M2M MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Rather than simply providing a managed service layer around connectivity and software, the company has evolved to become a complete end-to-end lifecycle management partner for M2M.

Wyless continues to take more of a project-oriented approach to customer requirements. In many cases this project-oriented approach means helping partners procure devices, map out financing, custom brand the user experience (via the Porthos Management portal), and provide project management around the installations and the deployment of M2M services.

Demand from large enterprises for a partner that can take hold of the entire M2M process, from equipment and application selection to network allocation to managed services, and beyond, has Wyless well positioned to serve the customer.

With its ownership stake in ClearConnex, Wyless also offers customers pure play engineering services. This encompasses everything associated with device selection, design, certification, project management, and embedded software creation using the Clearcom device management agent, which means nothing needs to be built from the ground up.

Another division, Wyless Connect, builds on the Wyless multi-carrier network and management platform to provide secure, wireless network redundancy for corporate LANs and WANs.

The global presence of Wyless continues to expand, with 15 mobile operators calling the company a partner; a number Wyless anticipates will hit 20 by the end of 2013. With a growing reach in markets like Brazil, Japan, and China, Wyless is making inroads into some of the most emerging areas of growth for M2M.

With every step Wyless is proving it is no longer simply a case of information aggregation in the M2M space, but rather the ability to provide significant value around mobile networks as well as the ancillary services required to execute business-critical solutions.

Fast Fact

  • Wyless has relationships with 15 mobile operators worldwide, with a growing reach in markets like Brazil, Japan, and China.

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