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KORE Telematics

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"KORE Telematics is one of those companies that strives to break the MVNO model for M2M. It has a long history in the space and continues to build an even stronger reputation within a host of verticals," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

When it comes to pure-play wireless network service providers for M2M, KORE Telematics is about as dedicated as they come. The company fits the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) model for certain, offering services and technologies across a wide spectrum of carriers globally (satellite and cellular), bundled with a single management platform that manages all devices across all the different networks and technology types. But let's talk about what else KORE Telematics brings to the discussion.

The company continues to enhance its Global Connect service footprint, now offering extended coverage in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, while also adding a significant number of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and distributor partnerships during the past year. A recent partnership with Gemalto, for example, allows developers that buy hardware to have a connected-device experience that can be considered as close to "out-of-the-box" as possible. Such a relationship helps these partners' mutual customers develop best-of-breed applications using the Gemalto platform with very little hassle when it comes to getting a wireless service contract put in place.

Above all, KORE Telematics prides itself on being that solid partner in the M2M value chain that helps to educate its customers on future-proofing their implementations. The company advises keeping two very important pieces of information in mind when selecting partners: One is to ensure the service footprint looks the same from a coverage perspective in five years as it does today; the second is the cost of device management–ensuring customers are considering the long term requirements of their business operations platforms for integrating and managing devices across multiple carrier networks and technologies.

It all aligns with the ongoing message at KORE Telematics, which is to take an extremely customer-centric approach to the business, and continue to innovate based on changes in technology, business operations, and practices.

Fast Fact

  • KORE Telematics has partnered with multinational cellular and satellite carriers in order to offer true global connectivity for its KORE Global Connect service.

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