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Iridium Communications Inc.

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"Iridium successfully operates one of the largest commercial satellite networks, giving it the opportunity to service M2M customers in remote areas where coverage is not available or unreliable, across the globe," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

When your technology has been selected by Fortune 100 Global Enterprises such as Caterpillar, tapped for use by such prominent organizations as the USDA Forest Service, is relied upon by the U.S. Dept. of Defense, and has received a ringing endorsement from adventurer Bear Grylls, chances are you are doing something right.

Iridium Communications isn't afraid to take on the tough jobs, tracking data in the most remote regions of the world. Operating one of the largest commercial satellite networks with realtime, fully global coverage, Iridium provides voice, data, SMS, paging, and broadcast services around the globe. It is the very reason why organizations involved in maritime, aviation, government/military, mining, forestry, transportation, and utilities rely on Iridium to carry their information. And that is simply a tasting of the industries that have leveraged its services. If you are operating in areas where cellular service is either not available or unreliable, Iridium makes the connection as either the primary network or as a compliment to cellular.

Iridium's value in M2M extends far beyond its global reach. Partners are a key part of its strategy. Roughly 200 partners in M2M provide joint services that offer customers a multitude of capabilities, such as behaviormonitoring for drivers, antipiracy, encryption, safety, and weather services, just to name a few. Think about everything you might need in order to ensure data is delivered successfully to global enterprises, for consumers or mission critical government applications, anywhere in the world using a single technology, single contract, and single price—that's Iridium M2M.

While you can never quite be certain what will come next in M2M, chances are Iridium NEXT will give you a snapshot of what is next for the company. Iridium's next-generation satellite constellation, billed for launch in 2015, looks to enhance global connectivity and extend new data-centric applications. Forgive the cliché, but it looks as if sky's the limit for Iridium.

Fast Fact

  • Iridium operates 66 LEO (low-Earth orbiting) cross-linked satellites, operating as a fully meshed network, with Iridium NEXT, billed to launch starting in 2015.

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