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"Partnerships, expanding the network, and securing new customers are some the cornerstones of RACO Wireless' mission to be the 'Easiest to do business with.'" If the past is any indication of RACO Wireless' success, the future for M2M looks very bright," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

You can call 2013 a banner year for RACO Wireless, market-disruption wise. It's the unspoken mission statement of the wireless data solutions provider, and going by the string of announcements it has made in the past 12 months, you could say that mission is on target.

First, a look at the services RACO Wireless already brings to the table in M2M: custom rate plans, tailored billing solutions, customized wireless connectivity, branded applications, call service and support, and an embedded multi-mode IMSI (international mobile subscriber identity) SIM (subscriber identity module), just to name a few. Of course we cannot overlook the core offering Omega Management Suite, which is a Web-based application that provides one unified view for M2M device management. All such offerings help position RACO Wireless on the next frontier for M2M: the enterprise.

Big news for RACO Wireless in the past year has come via the acquisition and partner route, starting with a broadening of its carrier partner portfolio. Long branded as the preferred M2M partner of T-Mobile, RACO Wireless forged partnerships with other such carriers as Rogers Communications, Sprint, and TelefÓnica. These partnerships are important in allowing customers to select and manage the appropriate technology for their solution using one single logon to OMS. Companies working across multiple countries, or that want to combine GSM and CDMA networks, find such partnerships to be particularly ideal.

In terms of the acquisition route, RACO Wireless announced a deal with Position Logic in July. By bringing in the location-based service provider, which does more than 80% of its business outside the United States, RACO Wireless combines network and application layers to provide a more comprehensive set of offerings to its customer base. Such a deal aligns well with customers using RACO partners, Telefonica and EE, on an international basis.

All signs indicate RACO Wireless is not done yet. So long as a deal or partnership helps to further its mantra of being the easiest to do business with, chances are RACO Wireless will make it happen.

Fast Fact

  • RACO Wireless has been busy on the carrier-relationships front this past year, working with Sprint, Telefónica, and Rogers Communications.

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