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Digi Intl. Inc.

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"Most people associate the Digi name with hardware solutions. However, Digi has taken the service sector by storm with its cloud-based platform. The Etherios acquisition extends this even further, which brings a whole new social element, allowing devices to communicate to the enterprise," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

Many companies like to lay claim to the idea of providing an "end-to-end" solution in M2M, but Digi Intl., seems like one of the few that have a targeted plan in place to deliver.

The company has been an established name in the space for providing hardware products such as wireless routers and gateways, cameras, and sensors, along with remote services to help connect devices.

Now add in a new social element to the discussion and suddenly the idea of "end-to-end" gets interesting. The company acquired Etherios last November, a Platinum Partner, which brought with it The Social Machine, a cloud-based method that helps integrate your machines into core business processes, all via the Salesforce Service Cloud. The company has since rebranded its iDigi platform to become Device Cloud by Etherios. Now it's time for your devices to talk. The Social Machine uses Device Cloud to take product data and push it into Device Cloud, where it is fed into to allow your connected products to speak into enterprise systems and integrate with pre-existing business processes. In a way, it helps all associated with the organization, not just IT, to make use of data. Add in the hardware components, combined with Device Cloud, and suddenly you have multiple ways to capitalize on your machine data throughout the enterprise. Think about the new efficiencies added through the idea of having products tell you when they are about to fail or are in need of service.

It all dovetails nicely into Digi's long-time promise to create business efficiency. In creating such efficiencies, there is the idea that companies need to become more customer-focused in order to survive. That leaves plenty of opportunity to reinvent customer service via connected products.

In all, the moves Digi has been making in the past year have reinvigorated the value proposition behind connected devices, opening up the "end-to-end" discussion in more ways than one.

  • In November 2012 Digi acquired Etherios, Inc., creator of The Social Machine, to help develop a cloud-based method for integrating machine data into business processes.

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