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DataOnline LLC

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"DataOnline has always prided itself on being a specialist and for a good reason. This company knows more than a thing or two about remote monitoring of assets. When it comes to M2M, DataOnline has monitored its share of remote assets from manufacturing, industrial, oil and gas, LNG, and the list goes on," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

When it comes to monitoring fixed or mobile assets around the world, DataOnline is considered a specialist. Its hardware, data acquisition, wireless communications, and Web-based information management services, help to enable end-to-end solutions putting the idea of remote monitoring on a whole new level.

By the end of the year the company will have migrated its entire customer base to the new on-demand platform, DOLV3, which is quite a feat given the complexities and risks associated with transitioning customers in an environment where realtime information truly is mission critical to operations. You see, when it comes to monitoring things such as industrial gases, chemicals, water and wastewater, oil and gas, the idea of going offline for even a moment could be detrimental to success.

But the big market on which DataOnline has its sights set on for the year ahead is LNG (liquefied natural gas). Typically involving containers that carry hazardous materials, LNG presents perhaps the most critical test for ensuring the information never goes dark, so to speak.

Overall, DataOnline's ambitions are inspiring: One million devices by 2020. Currently at more than 100,000, mostly in small-volume markets, DataOnline has its sights set on markets that present some higher volume, which is the case with areas like LNG.

To get there the company is building specific hardware, such as the new low cost hybrid satellite/GSM system that will work in such remote areas. This product is coupled with the DataOnBoard system for tracking the equipment at sea.

Overall, worldwide expansion for DataOnline remains on the upward pace, as the company has presence is roughly 60 countries. With further expansion planned for such regions as Central America and South America, as well as India and China, DataOnline is experiencing true global expansion.

The company is also growing its offering model as well, as evidenced by one of its recent customers, which licensed the portal—a first for DataOnline.

Fast Fact

  • Global names such as Praxair, Air Products, Linde, Airgas rely on DataOnline for remote monitoring technology.

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