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"T-Mobile has laid a stake in the ground with the 2G network, but also sees the future for 4G. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone, T-Mobile has effectively leveraged the expertise of a strong partner network in M2M," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

You won't need to look too hard to see the position T-Mobile has staked out for itself in M2M. The GSMbased carrier has deep roots providing data connections, and was very early to the M2M party among the U.S.- based carriers.

This lineage keeps customers coming back for more, such as Audi of America, which recently increased its collaboration with the carrier to offer new cost-effective Audi connect plans.

Such customer commitment has resulted in T-Mobile growing its M2M business 30% year-over-year across vertical segments during its most recent reported quarterly earnings. Part of that success can be attributed to a business model adopted by the carrier roughly two years ago, where rather than trying to be everything to everyone, it instead took the approach of leveraging the appropriate expertise to grow the business and meet the needs of customers.

Along those lines, it forged relationships with key aggregator partners, such as RACO Wireless, Wyless, and Jazz Wireless Data in order to help identify opportunities and bring additional solutions and capabilities to customers. One such example is the ability to simplify the customer experience, from onboarding through deployment, in order to make it easier to deliver customer applications to the market in a more streamlined manner.

Perhaps the message T-Mobile has been most vocal about in M2M is the network. While other carriers are formalizing definitive dates for when they plan to "sunset" their 2G networks, T-Mobile plans to support the network for the foreseeable future, under the belief 2G continues to be the best fit for many M2M applications based on such factors as data volumes and price sensitivity. Still, for those who desire a higher speed lower latency network for their data-intensive M2M applications, T-Mobile offers its 4G LTE network.

All-in-all, T-Mobile quietly goes about its business in M2M, perhaps proving the strong silent type can be most effective.

Fast Fact

  • Audi of America recently increased its collaboration with T-Mobile to offer new cost-effective Audi connect plans.

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