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Multi-Tech Systems Inc.

2205 Woodale Drive
Mounds View, Minn.
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"Typically when you think of Multi-Tech Systems you think hardware. But today, Multi-Tech Systems is offering a host of solutions-based packages that address the needs from concept-to-implementation. This is now where customers will see the true value of M2M," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

Multi-Tech Systems is selling value in M2M. The value doesn't exist solely in products or services, per se, more so than in a solutions-based package designed to help you achieve the shortest path to connectivity, from concept to implementation, and beyond.

Much of the messaging coming from Multi-Tech Systems these days is about the idea of "owning the customer solution." While such words might seem ambitious and even a bit ambiguous, the idea truly begins to resonate when you look at the way the company brings the resources and expertise to the table in order to create value. In other words, if Multi- Tech Systems cannot provide it, the company will bring in the resources necessary to deliver.

Enter its partner strategy, which the company has been focusing heavily on as of late. Knowing full well that each customer has a different set of needs, Multi-Tech aligns itself with a robust set of third-party providers that help create flexibility to the solution.

The next step involves selling that value to the customer. In this regard, Multi-Tech ensures it is engaging those it considers to be the "decision makers" at organizations around the world in order to deliver the message behind M2M. And this message is clear: Do you wish to save money, increase revenue, create a barrier to entry (for your competitors), or simply provide some type of differentiating factor in your market? Then M2M is the answer, creating real quantitative value. Once Multi-Tech knows what the customer is looking for, the company takes every necessary step to ensure it is fulfilling these demands, whether internally or via its channel partners.

But don't think it has lost focus on building great hardware. Wireless gateways, modems, converters, and more are still included in the expertise of Multi-Tech Systems. Think of it as being another rung in its strategy for bringing a product—any type of product—to market.

Fast Fact

  • Patricia Sharma, the president and CEO of Multi-Tech Systems was recently named to Connected World's Women of M2M list.

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