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Telit Wireless Solutions Inc.

3131 RDU Center Dr.
Suite 135
Morrisville, N.C.
+1 919.439.7977
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"Telit Wireless Solutions knows M2M and has the customers to prove it. It's clearly a powerhouse in delivering a family of products that include cellular, short-range, and GNSS, along with value-added services such as m2mAIR. The industry could learn a lot from a leader like Telit," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

There is something to be said for delivering to customers the type of products and services they expect. For nearly three decades Telit Wireless Solutions has been doing just that, establishing its leadership position for M2M modules along the way.

The company is known for constantly evolving its form factors, while ensuring it never ends the life of a particular product. This is an assurance for customers that they will always remain current, yet never be in a situation where they have to make choices about their modules.

But if it is choices the customer wants; Telit Wireless Solutions delivers. Its product family touches three key categories for M2M: cellular, short-range, and GNSS (global navigation satellite system). Its cellular module portfolio is diverse, including products in various form factors for GSM/GPRS, UMTS/ HSPA+, LTE, and CDMA/EV-DO.

Back in 2011 Telit Wireless Solutions further enhanced its customers' investment in these modules with the development and commercialization of m2mAIR. This M2M valueadded service is designed to streamline application deployment while managing connectivity and controlling costs. Originally designed to target small-to-mediumsized businesses internationally, the m2mAIR offering was enhanced for the North American market thanks to existing operator agreements held by CrossBridge Solutions, which Telit acquired at the onset of 2013.

Such a move is consistent with the company's strategy of bringing expertise into the fold in order to enhance the lineup of products and services for its nearly 5,000 customers. That expertise also comes organically as well, through its six research and development centers across the globe. These centers have been responsible for such developments as the introduction of the ball-grid array module and the smallest GPS receiver module, among many others.

When it comes to M2M modules, the number of major players has certainly thinned in recent years. During that time, however, Telit Wireless Solutions has not only beefed up the product front, making it an obvious choice for embedded hardware, but also starting this year, it's become an interesting choice for value added wireless services.

Fast Fact

  • Telit Wireless Solutions was started in 1986 as Telital, and in 1997 began manufacturing and marketing products under the Telit name before unveiling its first M2M module called Datablock a year later.

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