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"Sprint prides itself on giving customers the network of choice. The carrier is focused on its partners, products, and services. For instance, Sprint Velocity has driven the carrier forward and it continues to see a very bright future in M2M," says Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Connected World magazine.

When it comes to M2M, Sprint wants to do more than simply make the connection. The CDMA-based carrier will deliver the market expertise, rapid prototyping tools, and development partners, along with any other resource needed in bring emerging technology ideas to life.

First off, Sprint is committed to network choice, driven by the belief the only thing customers should let dictate their choice in network is their own specific set of needs. To that notion, Sprint delivers enhanced coverage for 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. Particular emphasis has been placed on maintaining, and even enhancing its 2G network in the face of competitors announcing end dates for the network.

In terms of market commitment, Sprint is never afraid to go all-in for its customers. Whether its retail, fleet, healthcare, utilities, asset tracking, or transportation, just to name a few, Sprint takes an end-to-end approach in helping customers design systems that help fit their specific needs.

Case in point, Sprint Velocity, launched in late 2012, is a flexible, customizable end-to-end connected vehicle solution developed for auto manufacturers that enables these companies to develop and market connected services for cars and passenger trucks. Sprint Velocity helps automotive companies integrate the complex components and vendor relationships required to provide connected services. In a way, Sprint is championing a new role of mobile integrator for automakers, helping tie together all the necessary components to compete in the age of emerging technology.

Such an initiative underscores the carrier's passion for helping bring devices to market, the impetus behind the creation of its Sprint Collaboration Center. This physical center located in California presents the idea of a wireless engineering lab and concept realization facility for helping innovators develop and demonstrate new capabilities. It contains all the necessary components to visualize, conceptualize, design, develop, and test an offering in both a pre-production and production environment.

Sprint is laser focused on M2M, as evidenced by every partner, product, and service. But perhaps the greatest testament to it all remains the growing number of devices that successfully come to market using the Sprint network.

Fast Fact

  • Sprint Collaboration Center, located California, is a wireless engineering lab and concept realization facility for helping innovators develop and demonstrate new capabilities.

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