M2M Gets Transportation in Gear
Sept/Oct 2012

As a fleet manager, you are constantly faced with the challenges of tracking your high-value assets, optimizing operational efficiency, improving driver safety and productivity, and reducing costs. At the same time, government compliance and regulation issues are always in the back of your mind.

In order to optimize business operations and address these critical challenges, M2M (machine-to-machine) technology powered by a reliable and robust wireless network can be the solution to help you develop the business-critical capabilities required to drive your business forward.

An experienced M2M solution provider like Verizon can provide multiple pieces to the technology equation. Verizon can offer you customized, turnkey M2M solutions when combining America’s largest high-speed wireless network with Verizon’s key business solution alliances and its M2M Center.

At the core of its M2M offerings for transportation are solutions that help manage and improve fleet productivity. Such technology applications can help you optimize operations, both regionally and on a nationwide basis, by increasing visibility on operations, making realtime on-the-go decisions, and reporting on and recording data. For instance, equipping your drivers with GPS-enabled smartphones means you can now capture more data from the field, including realtime duty status, arrival and departure certification, shipment updates, hours of service, and electronic log entries. This data can then be wirelessly transmitted back to an administrator who can use it to improve efficiency. Prior to such a solution being available, data either went unaccounted for, or was collected in a sparse and vastly uncontrolled manner.

The Verizon M2M Management Center has addressed the need to efficiently control data collection and analysis. Working with your management team, Verizon helps identify key informational needs, and then translates that information into a custom interface. Through this interface, all your M2M data—whether it is stored on your premises or in the Verizon cloud—is organized in a manner that is understandable and relevant to your management team.

In collaboration with key business solution alliance members, Verizon also enables turnkey telematics solutions. Through devices embedded within your vehicles, you can collect critical vehicle diagnostics data and wirelessly transmit it back to your management team. Telematics solutions offer an array of benefits, like the ability to track hard-braking occurrences or idle time, vehicle location, cargo temperature, and miles traveled, to name just a few. At the same time, fuel efficiency and fault-code data can provide valuable insight into how your fleet of vehicles is performing on the road. Such data can also be used to identify distracted-driving behavior, helping your drivers stay more aware on the roads.

Above all, whether we are talking about individual applications or how it all ties together under a more comprehensive corporate-wide strategy, the speed of delivery is the name of the game in transportation. Whether you manage rail line operations, are involved with cargo monitoring, or simply want to ensure a package of goods is delivered to the right location in a timely manner, visibility of the asset is essential to success for the transportation industry. This is where the value of Verizon, America’s fastest 4G network, can demonstrate its appeal. Verizon offers an end-to-end solution for transportation, connecting everything from the engine of the vehicle to the data center, from initial pickup to final delivery, with a broad range of platforms—mobility, cloud, and security, for example—that unite to create solutions specifically geared toward transportation.

The value of M2M technology isn’t limited to what can be accomplished today. It’s essential to think about how it can help future-proof your operations. Whether it’s through protecting assets via high-speed video surveillance, or going green through implementing new sustainability efforts associated with your fleets, M2M technology solutions, powered by the Verizon 4G LTE network, are helping to solve fleet operators’ productivity and management challenges, allowing for business transformation that improves safety, efficiency, and on-time performance—while controlling costs and reducing environmental impact—and enables new services and value for their customers. It’s time to proceed with confidence.

For more information, visit www.verizonwireless.com/transportation
Coverage, varying by service, not available everywhere; see vzw.com

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