DDoS Attack on Move Inc. Serves as Warning

A few months back, Heartbleed opened our eyes to just how vulnerable systems can be to cyber attacks. Unfortunately, new security events have proven that even in times of heightened awareness and proactivity, online data is not safe from targeted attacks. ...

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Scanadu Scout

Whether the term "DIY" scintillates or sends waves of anxiety through your body, Scanadu Scout is sure to intrigue and excite. A sort of DIY ...

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GE Envisions Smart Kitchens

In the smart kitchen of the future, machine intelligence and M2M communications make preparing, cooking, and cleaning easier. This imaginary smart kitchen based on existing technologies is but one of the improvements discussed at the Dwell on Design L.A. tradeshow at the end of June that will bring the benefits of connectivity to all corners of consumers’ lives....

Updating Mobile Devices

Don’t want to upgrade your smartphone or tablet, but still want the latest and greatest features and functions that everyone else has? Whether you know it or not, OTA (over-the-air) updates can provide you with exactly what you are looking for—but are the manufacturers of consumer electronics truly delivering?...

Patent Report: July 22, 2014

Not having checked on Amazon Technologies, Inc., in some time, let’s focus today’s report on it. Today it received 14 awards, one of which was...

Accenture Teams up with Uconnect

Across the globe, connectivity is leaking from other areas of consumers’ lives into their vehicles. In some ways, the trend is dangerous. Without well-designed user interfaces and controls, access to data for entertainment, communication, and navigation purposes can pose a safety risk. In other ways, the trend is exciting. When technologies are integrated into vehicles with safety as the top concern, they can provide the data drivers want and need. Either way, the trend is here to stay....

Home Medical Monitoring Surges

Analyst firm Berg Insight, www.berginsight.com, has released a new research report with data on connected home-medical monitoring. At the end of 2013, approximately 3.0 million patients worldwide were using home-medical monitoring devices, including CRM (cardiac-rhythm management), ECG (electrocardiography), glucose level monitors, and other devices that are remotely monitored by doctors; the report does not include personal-health trackers in the figures....

New Solution Helps Monitor Sleep Apnea

In Europe, approximately 2-5% of the population suffers from a disorder called sleep apnea caused by pauses in breathing during sleep and subsequent drowsiness during the day, along with a broad spectrum of serious medical conditions. Most often, sleep apnea is treated with a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device that provides a constant, steady airflow during the night. ...

Stay Cool with Connected AC Solution

Every summer, talk turns to conserving energy and money. One area to save is air conditioning—especially in empty rooms. But hope is not lost for those not-so-smart homes. Now any home can be connected with AC intelligence thanks to a new product from INAIR PTE, www.inair.com.sg, O2U, o2u.io. ...

The Future of Mobile Operating Systems

Are you ready for the next version of Android? Whether it is Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry, users need to ensure the operating system on mobile devices is updated in order to get the most value out of the device. Is your OS updated? Are you prepared for the next evolution of operating systems that are coming?...

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